Face Mask Calming 3D



Face Mask Calming 3D

Face Mask Calming 3D

is an important part of your Clinic. With finest material drenched in a gel containing freshly prepared willow bark extract. Contains anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties. With salicylic acid, a BHA that is a natural exfoliant used in several acne treatments. It helps skin shed dead cells while clearing pores. With   phenolic acids, like salicin, salicortin and flavonoids, tannins, and minerals. All help with skin rejuvenation. Salicylic acid is better then benzoyl peroxide in reducing acne. Salicin in willow bark turns into salicylic acid when  processed by the body. Warning: Do not use if you are allergic to salicylates.

Size: 10 Face Masks Calming 3D per package


Cryolipolysis Antifreeze Membrane

How Do We Prepare Fresh Willow Bark Extract?

Mix the appropriate quantity of dried Willow Bark with boiled water. Let it stand for 15 min. This stage is important because willow bark is of natural origin. It needs to be treated with hot water to make it microbiologically safe. Also the extraction process speeds up that way. We use a fine filter to filter the mixture while hot. As a result, lightly brownish extract has a beautiful intense clean smell on willow bark.

Other Steps in Face Mask Calming 3D

We combine above freshly prepared Willow Bark Extract with other ingredients. All at high temperature (>80 C) to prevent microbial growth. The resulting gell is added to the mask also while hot. Everything happens in a clean room.

Willow Bark Is a Source of Salicin

Willow bark, is the bark of several varieties of willow tree. It is in use for centuries as a pain reliever. The active ingredient in extract from  willow bark is called salicin.

Hence, you can use it as an alternative to aspirin. Most of all those that experience chronic headaches or back pain. Willow bark is also used in some products to aid weight loss. Because Aspirin is developed by modification of Salicin it has very similar chemical structure. Due to presence of Salicin people allergic to Aspirin should not use any product containing Salicin.

Finally it comes from the branches of 2- to 3-year-old willow trees. Willow trees and shrubs grow all over the world.  Not in Australia and Antarctica. The white willow and black willow are two of the most common willows that are used medicinally.