Custom Manufacturing

Here is what we can do for you:

Pharmaceutical product development

We are experts in the site specific and controlled release delivery of drugs to GI tract. If you want more information please visit the link. 

Cosmetics product development

More than 100 products are in our cosmetic portfolio now. We do custom product development for ourselves, and other small or large companies. Furthermore all forms of cosmetic products are part of this portfolio. Solutions, gels, creams and finally powders and solid forms.

Cosmetics Custom Manufacturing

In our manufacturing department we can produce small to medium scale cosmetic products. Most of the products we produce for ourselves are in small hand made batches up to 100 L. For third parties we can make liquids, gels, creams in 300 L batches. We strictly adhere to GMP rules in both analytical and manufacturing areas.

Analytical Method Development and 3 Months Accelerated Stability Studies

Our spectrophotometers and HPLC instruments are busy but always ready for more work. Reasonably priced analytical method development with fast delivery time. We can develop a new HPLC method in few days. In addition validation will take somewhat longer. The end product is a complete report about the method.

Patent Services Help

If you have an idea that you would like to patent, we can help you. We will help you with taking another independent look at your idea. From the areas of chemistry, pharmaceutics or cosmetics. Furthermore, we will guide you all the way to patenting phase. Of course we will sign a confidentiality agreement with you during our first meeting  of substantive nature. Hence, you can trust that your idea is in the safe hands with us.

Cosmetic Product Information File (PIF) Preparation and Submission

We have a vast amount of information on cosmetic raw materials. PIF preparation for EU authorities is quick and prices are reasonable.


Cosmetics Custom Manufacturing Team


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