Cryolipolysis Antifreeze Membranes (Pads)


Cryolipolysis Pad

Cryolipolysis Interface or Antifreeze Membrane

or Cryolipolysis Pad is used during the fat removing Cryolipolysis procedure. It is a procedure involving vacuum and low temperature. Our Cryo Pads are made of finest  hypoallergenic material. They are immersed in  gel that can withstand temperatures down to -22 °C. Our gel does not contain any alcohol, so it protects your Cryo equipment. Cryo pads come in standard dimension of 32×30 cm. We can custom prepare pads of any smaller size, or size that is 30 cm wide and as long as you might require. So we have a high degree of flexibility when it comes to sizes of our pads. We ship World wide. Typical minimum order quantity is 100 pads which is one package size.

Size: 100 Cryo Pads 32×30 cm