Anti-Age, Anti-wrinkle, Hydration – We do not sell same products under different names for so called different purposes

We just don’t do that. We do not sell Anti-Age products. There is nothing we, or anyone else, can do to stop or reverse aging processes. We believe that the term Anti-age product is misleading and that it undervalues women’s intelligence. We do sell Anti-wrinkle products. Hydration products, in our view, are in the same category as Anti-wrinkle products because their aim is either to prevent wrinkle formation or to reduce their visibility. We therefore sell only Anti-wrinkle products and they are sold under the brand name Petit Coeur rose.

Organ Skin

organ skin

Picture taken from WebMD

Skin is our largest organ. Its area is about 20 square feet. It is our border with the environment. Without it, we would not be able to live. Our heating and cooling functions, water evaporation rate would be irreparably disrupted.

Bacterial invasion would soon overpower us and we would die.

Organ skin is the most accessible one

Luckily, our largest organ, organ skin is also the most accessible one. We do not have to eat large amounts of nutrients. That way they spread all over our body and become diluted. So only a small proportion comes into our skin. We can treat our largest organ directly. Because our skin is our border with environment it is often exposed  to all kinds of chemicals. Chemicals can be absorbed either through hair follicles, glands or epidermis. Most of the absorption is happening through epidermis. After passing seven layers of epidermal cells, chemicals are in dermis. They can enter blood from there or lymph circulation, and spread systemically. Outermost layer of epidermis – stratum corneum, primarily is composed of cholesterols, and ceramides. This is the biggest obstacle for chemicals. Fat soluble chemicals can more easily penetrate this obstacle and get into the circulation. One there, they can cause positive or negative systemic effects.


Aging and Wrinkles

Aging and wrinkles

Factors that can make you look older then you are

1- Sun Exposure. Avoid overexposure to the sun. Some exposure is needed  so your organism could synthesise vitamin D. Vitamin D is more important for your immune system then vitamin C.
2- Smoking. Smoking causes formation of excess of free radicals in the body. While oxidative stress theory is not proven cause of aging excess radicals certainly damage your cellular content in many ways.
3- On and Off Dieting. Organism needs a steady rhythm and balanced metabolic processes. Any change should happen slowly and over longer period of time so processes on cellular level can readjust and equilibrate.
4- Facial Muscle Contractions. We would not wory about that one a lot. Good sense of humour and a lot of laughing cause  positive muscle contractions. But if you are prone to worrying a lot that is another story.
5- Sleeping positions. If you only sleep on one side, over the years, chances are that you might develop certain facial wrinkles.

How to prevent wrinkles?

Most articles and blogs would tell you that you can prevent wrinkles by eating Vitamin C, E and other Antioxidants. But as we saw in the previous post, this probably does not help a lot.

Oxidative Stress and Aging

TO PUT IT IN ONE WORD – Denham Harman free radical theory of aging (developed in the 1950s) is IN-CONCLUSIVE! at best.

According to free radical theory of aging,  organisms age because their cells accumulate free radical damage over time.  A free radical is a reactive atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell. It can cause, so called, oxidative stress or a disbalance between oxidative and reducing species in our cells. This leads to damage of cellular components.  DNA, proteins, cholesterol or fatty acids are under fire. Antioxidants are opposite – reducing agents.  They limit oxidative damage to biological structures by protecting them from free radicals.

Antioxydants and Aging

There is no proof that antioxidants such as vitamin A,  vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene if taken orally, will slow the process of aging.

Many processes operate together in complex biological environment.  Changing only one parameter, such as antioxidant level, is not enough. It is usually quickly counterbalanced by some opposite acting process.

Calorie Restriction helps

Calorie restriction on the other hand, has positive effects on the lifespan of people. Even though it is, similar to physical activity, accompanied by increase in oxidative stress.  This is probably due to oxidative stress resistance.  It increases  in calorie restriction and very likely in physical activity as well.



Causes of Aging

Causes of aging are few. Programmed organism slow-down caused by our internal cellular DNA changes. Environmental damages, caused by all kinds of environmental factors like UV radiation, cosmic background radiation etc. As with all other human characteristics, aging is individual.

Some people age faster than others. Aging process is tied to our habits. Food we eat, Places we live in. Water we drink. Stress we experience daily. Amount of love we poses and share with others. Sense of humour we have, All of this and more, affects our aging rate.


Aging starts the minute we are born. So far all the attempts to stop human aging were not successful. Nobody invented the time machine yet either. So we are stuck in a typical human predicament, of having to do the best we can, to look as young as we can, for as long as we can. And what can we do? This is where we come into the picture. Our recent research shows, that multiple complementary treatments, at different times of the day improve the way we look.