Carbon Paste

What is Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

This is a new laser treatment. It follows a patent from 1995. It removes face skin imperfections.  Carbon Laser Skin treatment also produces Anti-wrinkle effects. Anti-wrinkle effects are:

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
Increases Skin Tone and Texture.
Stimulates collagen growth.
Scar reduction.

How Does it Work?

After placing the layer of Carbon Paste  on the entire face. Drying period of few minutes follows. Carbon paste contains graphite – pure carbon.  Laser momentarily heats and therefore causes an implosion of the carbon particles. It is important that carbon particles from Carbon Paste are small and uniform. They sink below first few layers of the skin cells. Carbon particles from Carbon Paste are black. They absorb laser light well. Subsequently causing micro implosions of graphite particles from the Paste. This way all of the few layers of skin above graphite particles also implode and are removed. Vacuum sucks off debris from skin cells and the carbon paste is gently. The treatment also minimises pore sizes. The treatment is comfortable with minor sensations.
The Carbon Laser Skin Rejuvenation is equivalent of as much as having FOUR chemical peels.

Importance of quality graphite in Carbon Paste

Small and uniform molecular size graphite from Germany guaranties the quality of this product. It therefore exceeds all regulatory and also our own requirements for purity. As a matter of fact there are all kinds of products in this category out there. While most of them are professionally put together, some aren’t. It is of paramount importance that the level of heavy metals and other impurities is low. It is rather crucial that the paste is microbiologically safe. Therefore we pay special attention to those two parameters. We do not leave anything to chance. As all of our products, this one is hand made. Consequently the quality is quarantied.