Beauty Clinic Products


First of all we custom prepare all kinds of products for cosmetic salons and beauty clinics. Because of that you can be sure to get fresh and also quality products. All together we have about 100 products for all kinds of treatments and beauty clinic procedures. We show only our best sellers and therefore most popular ones on this web site. One of our best-seller products is Cryolipolysis Antifreeze Membrane. We sell this product Europe-wide. Due to our best ratio of quality and price we sell products Europe wide. Our best customers are Beauty clinics in Germany, Italy, Grece, Switzerland and Finland.

Beauty Clinic products we manufacture:

Peelings, mechanical, also chemical and enzymatic.

Oils for massage with custom natural essential oils.

Sugar wax.

Conductivity gels for body and facial treatments.

Various tonics and cleaning solutions. Foams.

Anti acne and anti psoriasis ointments etc…

Best quality possible Beauty Clinic Products

We put only the best quality materials into our products. All of our raw materials are comming from EU and surrounding countries. As a result in the hands of our skilled and highly educated people those raw materials are efficiently combined into the best possible Beauty Clinic products.

Reasonable Prices

To achieve high quality product with a reasonable price is our goal since 2010. Hence, we give ourselves a new goal to achieve lower cost every year. Without compromising the quality.

Fast delivery

We deliver fast, and according to your wishes we engage air or ground delivery to your door. In Europe , for pallet size delivery usually Beauty Clinics choose ground delivery. Typically it takes 4-5 days. Air delivery takes 2 days and is consequently more expensive.

Quality Guarantied!